TISS field machining group has a unique team of field machinists that not only can handle your basic flange machining and base plate machining but also performs the more specialties machining as well.

Our field machining equipment inventory is the largest fleet in the Gulf South if not the United States. Our in house field machining equipment fabrication can custom build and design specialty to equipment for all your machining requirements. Machining of boiler feed pumps, split case and machining on your compressors and or turbines in the field is all too common for our team. In addition to our field machinist we provide certified welders, we can offer turnkey solutions for your field machining needs 24 hour per day seven days per week.

TISS provides the following services:

  • OD Flange Facing 10” – 120”
  • ID Flange Facing
  • Indicating Spiders
  • RTJ/Grayloc/Raised face
  • Line boring
  • Hole Drilling and Doweling
  • Honing
  • Milling
  • Pipe Cutting
  • Nut Splitting
  • Keyway cutting
  • Diaphragm fit Repair
  • Stud Removal
  • Case Split line Repairs
  • Boiler Feed Pump Machining
  • Sleeve replacements
  • Journal Repairs
  • Specialty Applications
  • Custom Machine Fabrications

Call 281-922-7555, or email us for inquiries.